(My piece 'Starfisk + Monster' at the "Letting in the Light" exhibtion, Stratford, East London, January - March 2016)

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Bragging rights:

In 2002 one of my animated short movies, Polygonia, was shown on regional television (ITV Freescreen).

In 2002/03 I studied Interactive Multimedia Design at City College, Brighton (now Greater Brighton Metropolitan College).

In 2009 I made several animated 3D designs for various bracelet watches for www.w0tch.com. A video of my animated designs can be found here.



Since 2015 I have had several pieces published in the 'Street Art' section of The Big Issue magazine (originally through Creative Future). I've also sold several prints of my pics through the Big Issue's online shop. I've sold a few prints privately too.

In early 2016 one of my pictures (top of page) was included in 'Letting in the Light', an outdoor light-box exhibition in Stratford, East London through
Outside In and The Daily Life LTD, sponsored by Arts Council England.

In early 2022 I was invited to participate in a project using a 'Lightform LF2' projector and the Lightform Creator software to create something on the theme of 'wellbeing' through the Old Market, Hove and The HERA Partnership, sponsored by Arts Council England. Two short videos, one detailing my experiments with the projector and the other showing the background animations I used can be found here and here. Here is a photo of the final outcome of my experiments.



I've been using computers to create images, animations, video, interactive pieces and music since the early 1990's and I have a Professional Development Certificate in interactive multimedia design.

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting. During my early teens I was a keen model maker (Airfix kits etc.) and later was very interested in painting and modifying role-playing figurines (Citadel miniatures and the like). I like to think of these hobbies as a sort of apprenticeship in form and colour and different types of paint and painting techniques.

I first got into using computers in my artwork writing programs in BASIC to generate geometric colour-cycling graphics patterns on early 8 bit computers like the Sinclair Spectrum and the Acorn Electron in the late 1980's, but more seriously when I got my first Commodore Amiga and Deluxe Paint. Since then I've been using a combination of digital and hand drawn techniques in my work.

Inspiration and influences:

I'm greatly inspired by surrealists like René Magritte, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock, a lot of 'pop' artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and 'op art' artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely.

I'm also very interested in ideas surrounding geometry and topology (the juxtaposition of regular and irregular polygonal shapes, symmetry / asymmetry and tessellation) and concepts from fractal maths (endless repetitions of similar but non-identical shapes and patterns etc.).

My other influences come from many disparate sources such as comic books (mostly British comics like 200AD, Tornado, StarLord), science fiction and fantasy art (Chris Foss, Rodney Matthews etc.), album covers, tribal art from around the world, body art, graffiti and stained glass windows. I love using a lot of bright, contrasting colours in my work.

But what does it all mean?

My work is mostly about internal states of mind I have experienced, from dreams and nightmares to altered states of perception, euphoria, delirium, isolation, alienation, paranoia and psychosis. I am in no way trying to create photo-realistic images from the real world, but rather to interpret some of the things I have been through in my mind in a visual and hopefully pleasing, although sometimes disturbing form.


I also make electronic music, some of which can be found on my Soundcloud site. In addition I've made several short animated movies and videos for my tunes and these can be found on my YouTube site.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting prints of any of my pictures or copies of my CD's. Alternatively a small selection of my pics can be purchased from The Big Issue online shop (60% of the money goes to help the homeless). More prints can also be ordered from my DeviantArt page.

My artwork falls into eight main catagories:

1) New Amiga Images (created in WinUAE64 with DPAINTIV AGA, edited in Photoshop).

2) Hand drawn and digitally enhanced pictures.

3) Digital photo-montages.

4) Images created entirely in Photoshop.

5) Early PC images.

6) Early Amiga images.

7) Early hand drawn images.

8) Discography.

Part 1: New Amiga Images

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Part 2: Hand drawn and digitally enhanced pictures

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Part 3: Photo-montages

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Part 4: Digital Photoshop images

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Part 5: Early PC images

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Part 6: Early Amiga images

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Part 7: Early hand drawn images

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(2017 - 19) The Infinite Beach

Trip-hop, D&B and dark dubby electronica.

1) Memory Jets - Listen here
2) Empty Houses - Listen here
3) Regenesis - Listen here - Video here
4) Fungi Kaos mix - Listen here - Video here
5) Kaos 234 - Listen here - Video here
6) Fruity Loopy - Listen here - Video here
7) Acid Yellow Kaos Mix - Listen here


(2015 - 16) The Ludovico Technique

Another cool mixture of experimentalism and beats.

1) The Icarus Bug - Video here
2) Black Onion (With Ed Doherty)
3) 123 Floor
4) Exposition
5) Rhetorical Question
6) Wha Wha Stomp - Listen here
7) Caged Rat - Listen here
8) Parasitic Wasps - Listen here - Video here
9) Spider Mites - Listen here

(2015) The Lazarus Project

Ambient, electronic, weird, trippy, experimental, industrial, dub.

1) Sky Blue Dub - Listen here
2) Sea Green Dub
3) Sunset Orange
4) Acid Yellow 2
5) Firebird
6) Drone
7) Fungi to be with - Listen here
8) Russet
9) The Trip - Listen here

(2013 - 14) Orbital Mechanics

Loads more madness from mellow electronics to heavy D&B - great tunes!

1) Orbital Mechanics
2) Nexus 6
3) Kaleidoscopic Spacewalk
4) Psycho Stalker (with Rick 'The Hat') - Listen here
5) Massive - Listen here
6) Cometary Flypast
7) Gourd
8) Just Messing (Headkick mix 2)
9) Meteor Shower
10) Long Range Scanners
11) Tornado

(2012) Escape Velocity

Loading ...
More eclectic electronic strangeness from the far side.

1) Downtown bottom skankin
2) Future sound of Lumpton
3) Funky In The Dark
4) Running River
5) Improvable
6) Implosive device
7) Black Mesa Mashup - Listen here
8) Hammer of the Gods
9) Phatbeat Bounceback - Video here

(2011) Liftoff

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A cool mixture of far out, left field drum and bass and weird electronica.

1) Live Mix 2
2) Blinding Flash - Video here
3) Live Mix 3
4) Blastin Off - Listen here
5) For the midi hell of it
6) Boperooni - Video here
7) Wonderland
8) Automatine
9) Live Mix 1

(2010) Deus Ex Machina

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Industrial ambience with a couple of dancy tracks for balance.

1) Moody Day - Listen here - Video here
2) Socially Maladjusted
3) Gossamer Wings
4) Grows in the Dark
5) Bleepy boo - Video here
6) Psychologically Challenged

(2008 - 9) Gorgar

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GORGAR speaks of the ultimate challenge!

1) Praise the Lord - Listen here
2) Gorgar Replies
3) Chunder Dub Edit (With Dan the Bass)
4) Spaced Out Ambulance
5) Rock Monster
6) Rimple
7) Trancemotion Underground Mix
8) Gorgar Percussive Dub
9) Praise the Lord Compressor Mix
10) Gorgar Instrumental

(2001 - 2008) Videos

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A DVD of my animated movies and videos.

1) Psychadelic Freakout - Watch here
2) A Forest (The directors cut) - Watch here
3) Spacescene - Watch here
4) Fract - Watch here
5) Polygonia - Watch here
6) Polygonia - The return - Watch here
7) Star Destroyer - Watch here
8) Spider Movie - Watch here
9) Tomorrow - Watch here
10) War

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